NewsLinc is the official newsletter of Linc International Management and Consulting Group. The newsletter, as a medium of communication, intends to share the company's knowledge and expertise on continuous competitiveness and profitability. And eventually, make this a portal of shared knowledge (or what we call, “best practices”)

NewsLinc is published every quarter and only available electronically. It is sent to Linc's contacts by email (as HTML) and published on the web at:


Dear Clients,

Are you ready?  This question, and title of our newest Newslinc, is one that we must reflect on and answer with unwavering honesty. By ready, we, of course, are referring to the emergencies that have been plaguing our neighboring countries this year with countless earthquakes and other natural disasters. Last year saw the Philippines literally flooded in an emergency of massive proportions and even as we speak, parts of the country are still struggling to recover from Typhoon Ondoy. As temperatures rise as summer breaks, we see an increase in fires around our community. Could things have turned out differently?  Maybe.  As the saying goes, its better to be safe than sorry.  And that is exactly what this Newslinc is about. 

Welcome to the first issue of NewsLinc for 2010!

It is our thrust to make this e-letter a portal of shared knowledge. Email your thoughts, inputs, comments and suggestions at and we'll feature you here at NewsLinc on our next issue. We'd love to hear from you!

Wishing excellence in all your endeavors,

The Managing Director