NewsLinc is the official newsletter of Linc International Management and Consulting Group. The newsletter, as a medium of communication, intends to share the company's knowledge and expertise on continuous competitiveness and profitability. And eventually, make this a portal of shared knowledge (or what we call, “best practices”)

NewsLinc is published every quarter and only available electronically. It is sent to Linc's contacts by email (as HTML) and published on the web at:


Greetings from Linc International!

We face 2009 with a general and healthy fear for the state of our economy. We hear of businesses closing down and corporations retrenching workforce or making major decisions to cut back on costs. Amidst all these fear and wariness, opportunities abound if we know how to position our businesses, give value to our clients, and pick our spots.

Welcome to the first issue of NewsLinc for 2009!

It is our thrust to make this e-letter a portal of shared knowledge. Email your thoughts, inputs, comments and suggestions at and we'll feature you here at NewsLinc on our next issue. We'd love to hear from you!

Wishing excellence in all your endeavors,

The Managing Director