NewsLinc is the official newsletter of Linc International Management and Consulting Group. The newsletter, as a medium of communication, intends to share the company's knowledge and expertise on continuous competitiveness and profitability. And eventually, make this a portal of shared knowledge (or what we call, “best practices”)

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Greetings from Linc International!

We are truly grateful for your continued appreciation in our quarterly publication of NewsLinc. This just shows that you are one with us in our pursuit of global competitiveness. You can be assured that will continue to share with you more input on how to strengthen your organization's competitiveness and profitability.

Did you know that according to a research conducted by a multinational firm, the Philippines is the hottest real estate hub in South East Asia? No wonder why property firms posted a double-digit growth in 2007 and are still taking its peak for this year. To help you (property owners/developers) keep up with the immense demand of this industry, our featured article for this quarter will focus on what should be the two most important aspects to consider in designing a building.

Welcome to the 3rd issue of NewsLinc!

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