NewsLinc is the official newsletter of Linc International Management and Consulting Group. The newsletter, as a medium of communication, intends to share the company's knowledge and expertise on continuous competitiveness and profitability. And eventually, make this a portal of shared knowledge (or what we call, “best practices”)

NewsLinc is published every quarter and only available electronically. It is sent to Linc's contacts by email (as HTML) and published on the web at:


Dear Clients:

As business executives, we are always looking for ways and means to maximize productivity in the workplace.  While at times it may seems that managing is all a matter of "common sense", for those in the know, and have been managing businesses for some time, it is apparent that what may seem as "common sense" may not be so common after all.  It is the People Factor in managing businesses that make it the living organism that it is, and it is also this factor that makes managing a little more complicated than common sense dictates. We hope this edition of NewsLinc helps us nurture and maximize the  people we have in our companies!

Welcome to the second issue of NewsLinc for 2009!

We are truly grateful for your continued appreciation in our quarterly publication of NewsLinc.  This just shows that we are one with you in our pursuit of global competitiveness. You can be assured that will continue to share with you more input on how to strengthen your organization’s competitiveness and profitability.It is our thrust to make this e-letter a portal of shared knowledge.  Email your thoughts, inputs, comments and suggestions to us at and we’ll feature you here at NewsLinc on our next issue. We’d love to hear from you.

Wishing excellence in all your endeavors,

The Managing Director